Saturday, December 27

Wedding Designs and catch up!

Hi Everyone. It's been a long while! I haven't been purchasing or reviewing any make up products in a long time mainly because I've been having a lot of allergy issues recently and I've kept to my basic skincare and make up, meaning no foundation at all and very minimal make up. My trick is to put false lashes on to make it look like I've done something to make myself look "prettier".

I hope everyone is doing well! I'm not sure who really reads this anymore but if you've read up to this point, leave me a comment below!

I've always loved designing items and recently, I've been designing wedding stationary for a family friend's wedding. I do love making them for couples who are quite close to me.

These programs were personalized to Ka Man and Ben. I've included an illustration of Luca, KaMan's beloved dog who have left us for heaven but will always be here to watch KaMan join Ben's family. 

Today's wedding wasn't one where I knew a lot of people but it was special because I've known KaMan since I was 3 years old and wow, this puts us at 23 years of friendship between our families. 

Congratulations to the newly wedded couple and wishing a lifetime of happiness for you two. 

Until next time! There's always instagram if you are interested in keeping up with me! You can find me at grace.hui



  1. These cards look awesome! I really enjoy making these as well.

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